Bluegrass Bourbon

Bluegrass Bourbon Air Freshener

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Bluegrass Bourbon scented air freshener is the newest addition to the renegade products usa line. This enzyme eating air freshener is a perfect blend of one of America's favorite cocktails. Known for its rich aroma but quickly eliminates those terrible odors anywhere stink exists.

So if you have smells... Clean it up with a fresh mist of Bluegrass Bourbon.

Evan's Detailing and Polishing Approved Equipment:


Makita GA7021(6000 RPM):

Dewalt D28499X (6000 RPM):

Makita 9927C (3500 RPM Variable):

Dewalt DWP849X (3500 RPM Variable):


Makita 5" Hook and Loop Random Orbital (DA):

White Cotton Detailing Towels

12 x 14 (100 pack):

12 x 12 (24 pack):