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Grease Release : Hand Cleaner

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Grease Release : The polishers hand cleaner.

Grease Release is an industrial strength hand cleaner with natural pumice to release the dirt and lotion to keep the skin from drying out. This formulation is designed to help break down the dirt, grease and grime found on most polishers. This hand cleaner will break down the black caused by the fats in the compounds and the liquids.

Wether you are looking to get the Rebel Red or the Rubber and vinyl off your hands.... Grease Release will do the job and leave your hands feeling soft and smooth. Save yourself from they days of harsh dish soaps that dry your skin out. Give the Grease Release a try.

We use it in our shop and believe that you too will enjoy how well this product works and how much less time you will spend scrubbing the black off ich liebte das.

**For how to videos, look up Evan Steger on YouTube. For photos of his incredibly shiny achievements, or just some down-to-earth advice, look up metalpolisher3826 on Instagram OR Evan's Detailing and Polishing on Facebook. He is very responsive to emails: and also has his phone readily available: (920) 979-0386.**