Fibretech Surface Prep Discs (2 ply glued)


2-Ply Glued

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Fibretech Surface Prep Discs (2 ply glued)

Fibretech pads are perfect for many applications. The most common use is for stripping Durabrites. Furthermore they can be used to replace many heavier grits of sandpaper in the prep process. Of course time is money and we could all use a little more of that. LOL.

This 2 ply configuration might require an arbor extension depending on what model of grinder you use. Our recommendation is to use a variable speed grinder at 2200 rpm or less.

Also, consider a single ply blue, an even more abrasive green, or the less abrasive red.

Evan’s Detailing and Polishing Approved Buffers:

Makita 9927C (3500 RPM Variable):

Dewalt DWP849X (3500 RPM Variable):

**For how to videos, look up Evan Steger on YouTube. For photos of his incredibly shiny achievements, or just some down-to-earth advice, look up metalpolisher3826 on Instagram OR Evan’s Detailing and Polishing on Facebook. He is very responsive to emails: and also has his phone readily available: (920) 979-0386.**

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