Whitening Powder


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Whitening Powder

Whitening powder is commonly used by metal polishing professionals to remove the black from the aluminum after polishing. This dry powder can be used instead of flour or corn starch. Since whitening is a natural element it won’t react adversely with external elements. When applied with a red or black microfiber towel you will easily remove left over residue or compound.

The powder is heavily used in the private market to also remove hand polish such as rebel red. Likewise polishes can also be removed with the powder. Whitening is safe to use on both aluminum and stainless.

**For how to videos, look up Evan Steger on YouTube. For photos of his incredibly shiny achievements, or just some down-to-earth advice, look up metalpolisher3826 on Instagram OR Evan’s Detailing and Polishing on Facebook. He is very responsive to emails: evan@goshineon.com and also has his phone readily available: (920) 979-0386.**


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