Evan's Detailing and Polishing

A Metal Polishing Company

208 E. Grand Street
Chilton, WI 53014

Fuel Tanks

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How much?

Trucks Done Year to Date

Wheels Done Year to Date

Big Jobs (Tankers, Trailers, and Trailer Rails)

Raised on Midwest values, Evan has turned a one-stall garage and traveling gig into the empire it is today rxcare.net. He realizes that his work isn’t done until he is a better version of who he was yesterday.

For the better part of two decades he has poured his beliefs into his staff and cemented his brand. He knows that honesty is as good as gold and a handshake followed by a smile can get you anywhere.

He has a thirst for expanding his knowledge. It could be hands on, giving input in product compositions or by reading business-Saavy books. His talent has been curated through plenty of trial and error.

Whether you’re a farmer, veteran, or a prize-winning trucker- you’ll see the same amount of respect from Evan viagra für frauen. His humility is more of a cautious optimism. For if he awoke tomorrow with just the shirt on his back, he’d still have his good name. Also he would give said shirt away just to see someone else succeed.

Evan pours his heart and soul into his family and staff-who he views as his equals. He is willing to go the extra mile for them, often emptying his wallet, to give them a better chance at life. He works alongside them and is so easy to approach. He has been a sounding board and a fiercely protective force to be reckoned with.

He has once again outgrown his environment and aspires to design a larger building. Because of his dedication to product creation, his website, machine sales, expanding franchises, and his travels, he will soon see this dream unfold into a reality.

He will deny his success and fame, but his strong media presence will tell you different. He’s had a documentary and numerous magazine spreads, yet is still tickled by kids at shows requesting posters. Ask customers and polishers alike and they will mention how he is an open book. They can reach him at any hour for expert advice and words of encouragement.

The doubters and the supporters keep his gears turning and continue to shine on!

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