White Cotton Terry Towels (Bag of 12)

**despite the wash tag on the towels, WE do not recommend washing them, as there have been reports of them falling apart**

The Cotton Terry Towel is perfect for the polishing of aluminum. As raved about on Evan's YouTube videos on how to polish metal. Pick up a pack while they are hot. Available in a 12 towel pack which is the perfect size for both the beginner and pro users. Towels measure approx. 10"x17".

A pivotal part of the aluminum polishing process is properly taking off the metal polish. Apply the Time 2 Shine Aluminum Polish with a terry pad then remove the polish with the white Cotton Terry Towels. It may seem that the Terry Towels take longer to take the polish off but you will notice a significant difference in the finished product of your polish. You too can have that mirror finish that you see online.

Evan's Detailing and Polishing Approved Equipment:


Makita GA7021(6000 RPM):

Dewalt D28499X (6000 RPM):

Makita 9927C (3500 RPM Variable):

Dewalt DWP849X (3500 RPM Variable):


Makita 5" Hook and Loop Random Orbital (DA):