Time 2 Shine Detail Kit

Time 2 Shine Detail Kit

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Time 2 Shine Detail Kit

The Time2Shine Detail kit is an entire collection of our newly developed line of products. This kit contains one bottle of each of our detailing products. Starting with our Wash and Wax, Glass sealant, Quick detailer, Ceramic sealer, Tire Shine, Hand Polish. What good would this kit be without the towels to go with it all?? It wouldn't be very good at all. So, we've paired this kit with all the towels you'd possibly need to detail your ride like we would. Evan has spent a lot of time to get this setup just right and he believes he has it as user friendly as possible. And just a heads up the tire shine pulls double duty. The tire shine is a water based product that is safe on interiors and is proven to be effective on old and new vinyl and leather.

Kit Includes:

  • (1) Time 2 Shine Aluminum Polish
  • (1) Time 2 Shine All Purpose Cleaner (APC)
  • (1) Time 2 Shine Ceramic Sealer
  • (1) Time 2 Shine Chrome Polish
  • (1) Time 2 Shine Degreaser
  • (1) Time 2 Shine Glass Seal
  • (1) Time 2 Shine Pink Soap
  • (1) Time 2 Shine Quick Detailer
  • (1) Time 2 Shine Tire Shine
  • (1) Time 2 Shine Wash & Wax
  • (12) White Cotton Terry Towels **despite the wash tag on the towels, WE do not recommend washing them, as there have been reports of them falling apart**
  • (2) Blue Microfiber Wax Pads
  • (2) Cotton Terry Pads
  • (6) White Microfiber Towels
  • (3) Green Glass Towels
  • (1) Premium Gray Towel 

Furthermore we appreciate each and everyone of you for all the support all these years. Thank you for trusting us to bring you some of the best products we can find.

All of the products we sell here are tested and approved in house to ensure the quality of the products. Rest assure that we will only sell products that we personally believe in or can stand behind. Only the best of the best products for our customers.

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