Time 2 Shine Aluminum Metal Polish

Quantity: 16 oz bottle

How to use liquid Aluminum Metal Polish

Time 2 Shine's Aluminum Metal Polish is the ideal liquid hand polish to use on any aluminum or stainless-steel surface that you want to shine. 

Using Liquid Aluminum Metal Polish

Let us help you learn how to use our product. Time 2 Shine liquid Aluminum Metal Polish is easy to apply. Begin by, shaking bottle vigorously to ensure proper mixture of the metal polish.  Put a small amount of product onto a cotton terry pad. Apply to surface of metal being polished in straight lines, when possible as it will cut back on swirl marks. Polishing with the grain of the metal will also help cut back on swirls and scratches. After working the hand polish in for a bit you will begin to see it to turn black and have a hazy appearance. Lastly, take a cotton terry towel and wipe it off. If you allow the polish to dry a little bit, it will almost dust off with ease.

When to use Hand Polish versus Airway Buffing Wheels and Compounds

The Time 2 Shine Aluminum Metal Polish is a show finish polish. Our metal hand polish is designed to work well on items that are in good condition or have already been polished by an Airway Buffing Wheel and metal polishing compounds. Furthermore, it is great for touch ups and simple maintenance if used regularly. For individuals living in harsher winter conditions routine upkeep and maintenance are required throughout colder months. 

When polishing aluminum or stainless metal containing pits, scratches, or other deteriorating qualities you will need to take a more aggressive approach using buffing wheels and compound rouges. Start using sandpaper to create a smooth service, polish with buffing wheels and compound rouge and bring out the ultimate shine with the Aluminum hand polish.