Primrose 357 Magnum Moly Grease

Size: Single Tube- 14.5oz

Magnum Moly Grease

357 Magnum Moly is a polisher's dream come true. This grease works great in the heads of our grinders. Specifically designed for high-speed gears and made to withstand high temperatures. This grease is the perfect replacement for that factory grease in the heads of your grinders. The specific design of this grease will help increase the longevity and working function of your grinders. Furthermore, Evan's detailing and polishing has been using it for 15 years. We can attest to the fact that it helps keep the heat down and help our grinders last longer. We have a few grinders that are 8-10 years old.

357 Magnum Moly should be used in the head of your grinder but not filled to the brim. Just enough to cover the gears is all you need. As the head starts to heat up the grease will liquify and move to the area it needs to. A little bit goes a long way.