Aluminum/LUHMI Hand Metal Polish Kit

The Aluminum Hand Metal Polish Kit

The Aluminum Hand Polish Kit is simply that…. A hand polish kit. We’ve partnered with Luhmi Amglos to bring you an aggressive hand polish like we’ve never seen before. For example, you may have seen the YouTube video on our channel of the Polish polishers giving us a demo. For those that haven’t seen it… In short, go and watch it. Evan was jaw dropped at the ability of this hand polish. Pair the Luhmi with the Time 2 Shine aluminum metal polish and you have a one two punch that knocks out even the best products on the market. The Time2Shine aluminum polish is a show finish polish and designed to work well over items that have already been polished. Furthermore, it is great for touch ups and simple maintenance.

Kit Includes:

We DO NOT recommend washing the Terry Towels

We paired this kit with the towels and cotton terry applicator pads that Evan Recommends for all people polishing aluminum. As always he recommends terry cotton towels on your aluminum, not the microfiber towels that most have been using.