Aluminum Maintenance Hand Polish kit

The Aluminum Maintenance Hand Polish Kit

The Aluminum Maintenance Hand Polish Kit is simply that.... A hand polish kit. This kit includes an easy maintenance setup designed by Evan himself. He designed this kit around how they use hand polish in the shop and with the consumer in mind. Evan wanted this kit to be as simple as possible and we feel he achieved that. Just as he preaches in his YouTube videos you will not find microfibers in this kit, only Cotton Terry Towels.

Kit Includes:

We DO NOT recommend washing Terry Towels

The Time2Shine aluminum polish should get shaken vigorously and then a small amount added to the cotton terry cloth applicator pad. Try to polish in straight lines when possible as it will cut back on swirl marks. Polishing with the grain of the metal will also help cut back on swirls and scratches. After working the hand polish in for a bit and getting it to turn black, take a cotton terry towel and wipe it off. If you allow the polish to dry a little bit, it will almost dust off with ease.

We paired this kit with the towels and cotton terry applicator pads that Evan recommends for all people polishing aluminum. As always he recommends terry towels on your aluminum, not the microfiber towels that most have been using.