Detailing Gloves

Size: Medium red lightning textured

Incredibly strong and stretchy, these gloves are specifically chosen to prevent tearing. Patented formulation prevents excess sweating and are heavily washed (four times) to remove any chemicals on gloves. These are a powder free formulation nitrile constructed gloves.

 QTY-100 per box (xl & xxl in blue 1st ayd brand are 90 per box)

If you think safety is sexy, consider our respirators as well.


black lightning and red lightning :

6 mil Disposable Gloves

These gloves offer excellent barrier protection! They have a fully textured grip as well. 

in touch and 1st ayd :

5 mil Disposable gloves

These gloves offer superior protection against chemicals and abrasives at a great price! They are puncture resistant. Fingertips of in touch have a textured grip as well.