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Blue Drying towel

The Blue Drying towel is a 16"x 27" 400 gsm towel perfect for drying vehicles or use when waxes are being applied. The larger towel works great for detailing at shows and has a lot of surface area to help get the job done quick and efficient. 300 gsm microfiber cloth won't leave lint behind while wiping off the spray wax or hand wax. Nothing is more frustrating than lint left behind on your paint.

We strive for excellence in our towels. No corners were cut in the choices of our towel selection. Furthermore we make it even easier to use by separating the usage of towels by changing colors for each towel. For example the white microfiber towel is for removing wax or polish. A separate white microfiber towel should be utilized for tires. The he blue is for the initial dry on paint. Thus making your life easier at a quick glance.

The premium microfiber 300 GSM towel can also be used to remove hand waxes or spray waxes.Tire towels are sold in packs of 6, 12, or 24. Here at Evan's Detailing and Polishing we use them anytime we use the Rebel spray wax.