Down with EDP Shirts and Hoodies

Color: Hoodie Black
Shirt Size: Small

Are you Down with EDP?? Yeah you know me... This shirt is our rendition and throwback to our younger years when the classics weren't classics.  EDP stands for Evan's Detailing and Polishing. This one line question and one line response has been a long running joke amongst all of us in the shop and our close friends. Now you too can be in on the fun and bring back the nostalgia of better times when we were younger. And if you don't know what this references then you are too young... LOL I'm only kidding. Life is short and we should all laugh and have fun a little bit more often.

Shirts are available in youth sizes in black and adult sizes in white, grey or black shirts. Anyone wearing this shirt at shows and stops by the booth is eligible for a free prize from Evan himself. So be sure to sport your Down with EDP shirt and hit Evan with the one liner. These shirts are printed on Next level apparel and are made to last a long time.

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