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LUHMI Aggressive Hand Polish

Quantity: 17.6 oz

How to use LUHMI Aggressive Hand Polish

LUHMI Aggressive Hand Polish-Amglos Polish & Aluminum and Metal Polish- our sacred secret from our pals in Poland!

Apply a small amount of LUHMI onto a cotton Terry pad or Terry Cloth. When polishing metal use straight lines when possible as it will cut back on swirl marks. Polishing with the grain of the metal helps cut back on swirls and scratches. After working the LUHMI in for a bit you will begin to see it to turn black and have a hazy appearance. Remove with Terry Towel. 

LUHMI Hand Polish vs Machine Polish/Sanding

LUHMI allows you to hand and machine polish metal in one easy step. Amglos can remove brake dust, oxidation, and rust from any metal. It has been especially designed to clean wheels, leaving a brilliant shine after just one application with a Terry Towels (Cotton). The built-in wax prevents return of oxidation and metal degradation. If you are looking for a less aggressive alternative, check out the Luhmi super finish.