Show Polish Aluminum Kit

Show Polish Aluminum Kit

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In the Show Polish aluminum kit you will find only soft buffs and light compounds. What does this all mean? This means that if your truck or the item you are polishing is in good shape you can take it to that next level. Furthermore if it is in rough shape you will not get great results. Please consult my youtube channel by clicking here to find out what the difference is between the 2 different types of compounds. But as we all know, polishing is all about minimizing or eliminating hash marks. The less hashmarks the better and shinier. By starting your cut stage with a softer buff and softer cutting compound you can finish with much softer and better finishing results.

The contents of this kit includes:

1 x Yellow 9" buff with Centerplate

1 x White flannel 10" buff with center plate

1 x Show Brown Rouge

1 x Show Green Rouge

1 x Time 2 Shine Aluminum metal polish

1 x Terry Cotton Towels Pack (2.5 lbs)

2 x Cotton Terry Cloth round wax pads

This is a super simple 2 step process. The Yellow buff pairs with the brown compound. And the White buff pairs with the green compound.